Hello there!!

There have been many questions regarding the name of our place, so I decided to answer them  ” Yes, we have changed the name of the Cafe from Bakverket to BAZZAR”, “No, we have not changed owner”. The reasons for this change are many, but mainly from the changes of the last few years. We won’t change the entire menu so do not worry about not getting räksallad (shrimp salad) or rödbetssallad (beetroot salad).

We now have the BAZZAR Bar where we sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine which include snacks. We also cater for many Stockholm based companies and also for private customers.

Since 1930, when the building was built, and the bakery was established it has been solely a bakery but now we are so much more. We now sell not only pastries. We are more of a restaurant as we sell soup, salads, pasta, and many cold and hot evening dishes that change every day. We are now also open until 20:03 on Fridays and Saturdays to suit a meal for dinner along with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage with family, friends or simply a happier night alone.

We hope you have a nice stay at our bright and colourful Bar, Bakery and Cafe.

Best regards Bazzar.



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